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June 25, 2015

We digitize the major national and local dailies and magazines and input in our Oracle 9i database through our specially developed software and distribute the news among different subjects. The news clips are then customized on the basis of the clients’ requirements. They are then more distinctly categorized according to the clients’ need. Within 10.00 am, we upload the daily news clippings on our web server. Our clients’ are given distinct login names and passwords to access our online web portal: As you log on to our portal, you get all the information you need, customized to fulfill your requirements. Our web application is feature rich and fast enough to get your required information within seconds. We’re also providing different reports and analyses on the basis of the media coverage. The report generation is full customizable, real-time and online.

Features of eMediaDesk:

  • All the clippings are in JPEG format. We manage the image quality and the size in such a ratio that provides better printing and lower disk usage.
  • All the headings & news are compiled under categories, date ranges and media names. We input the news clips in the system so that you can not only search any news clip with it’s heading but also with any word or words relevant to the news topic and also with the reporter’s name.
  • User can get any news clipping by searching for any word contains in the title or sub title, both Bengali and English. News clippings can also be searched by the keywords, author, page name, page number, media name & date.
  • All news and advertisements are shown with providing their original column inch measurement. Price estimation for any advertisement on any page can also be provided if required.
  • News Clippings and News Headlines can be mailed to any recipient. You can also email any news clip to several recipient also using the built in easy to use address book.
  • Various types of printing facilities are available in the system.
  • User with administrative privilege can edit and delete any clipping in the system.
  • We’ll provide a monthly tonality report on the basis of the news, advertisement and PR analysis. That will be a graphical presentation in Microsoft Power Point and in HTML web page. Tonality report will be made on the basis of international standard techniques.