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VOC (Voice of Customer), Customer Survey and Analysis
June 24, 2015


The sales game has reformed altogether augmenting the delivery of superior customer service due to economic slump setting innovative frontline standards for businesses. Customers being more demanding than before want to be totally sure before they make a purchase. They wish to experience a fulfilling seamless service, leaving them happier, contented and wanting for more. It becomes imperative to connect to them directly, listen to their articulated, unarticulated needs and wants before taking any action. System can manage very effectively.

Surveys are an important link between business and consumer, but it can be difficult to perform survey analysis efficiently. Avoid wasting time with cumbersome analytics tools and endless queues. With Tableau Desktop, you can perform your survey analysis in real time and share with colleagues on Tableau Server. Create interactive dashboards from multi-response surveys. Analyze survey data with segment and profile analysis to learn more about your market. Group and re-alias dirty survey data into digestible cross-tabs


The System will be a web based and multi user system.
Survey questionnaire can be customized by the administrator.
Unlimited set of questionnaire can be created.
Answers can be set to various types, like: Marks, Ratings, Percentage, Options, Yes/No, Check Boxes etc.
Dynamic report module to generate reports on different questionnaire with variable logics.
Administrators will be able to create various report templates with different logics.

Multi-layer access control:

  • Administrator – Creates Users, Sets up Parameter, Creates Questionnaire and Answers, Create Logics and Report Templates
  • Super Administrator – Approves admin Activities
  • Maker – Data Entry Users
  • Analyzer – Query reports, export/print reports to different formats

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.