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Tracker for Loans In Transit
June 24, 2015


TRANSIT will be a workflow based loan origination and processing system, which will help Premier Bank to differentiate from the competition. TRANSIT will be an industry recognized leader in this space, with its technical and functional breadth.

TRANSIT will be one-stop source for originating credit applications across various types of financial products for a SME / Corporate / Retail customers, ensuring a single view of the customer and a standardized, streamlined origination process.


  • Configure Loan Types
  • Configure Applicant Types
  • Preparation of Checklist of documents based on loan type
  • Supports Loan Application Initiation, modification, Loan Renewal
  • Internal Deduplicaton process within TRANSIT
  • Simple & Advanced Loan Application and Customer Search
  • Generation of CIF Number
  • The system will have data entry screen with logically grouped information about the customer, loan product and other information
  • Capture various details like personal, employment and address details
  • Generation of Process flow based on Product attributes
  • Asset and liabilities details capture
  • Configure types of collaterals and capture detailed collateral related information
  • Credit limit set up
  • Override of the system recommended limit can be done by the credit approver
  • Credit scoring Set up
  • Multi-level loan application approval process with delegation
  • Sanction Letter Generation
  • DMS (Document Management & Imaging) Integration with TRANSIT
  • All decision screens display the decision history and comments provided by the earlier decision makers.
  • Application Referral -System also supports a recommend feature to escalate the application to the next level of underwriting
  • Customer Advice Generation
  • MIS – MIS Reports can be configured to suit the business needs, using the TRANSIT Reports tool. Report output: CSV, PDF, DOC, XLS
  • Application Audit log
  • Group Security Matrix
  • Task assignment against User Roles or Specific User.

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Client : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. Premir Bnak Ltd.