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Shanchay Patra Management System [SPMIS]
June 24, 2015


Sanchayapatra is Central bank product. All banks in Bangladesh are bound to sell this product. There are many kinds of Sanchayapatra product. This system is manage all criteria of central bank & perching banks rules.


Configuration Parameter Setup:


SP Type

Customer Type

SP Levi & Details Set up

Lien Bank Info

Commission Information

Bond Template Setup

Entry of Sales




Print Certificates

Lock/Unlock Leaf

Sales Statement

Sales Register

Encashment: all/partial Leafs

Encashment Statements

Coupon Encashment: Interest payment for all matured Coupons/selected Terms

Interest Payment Statements

Add/Remove Lien Mark

Lien Mark/Remove Confirmation Letter

Lien Information Search

Lien Register

Stock Entry

Re-ordering Letter, Daily & Detailed Stock Report, Outstanding Bonds

Stock In/Out Float Log

Commission Claim Letter

User Audit Log

Enquiry Module

BTR Reports

Statements for Old/New Sales, Encashment according to BB Circular

Different Reports & MI as prescribed by Central Bank

Central Bank Claim Register

Active Directory authentication for login and access

Platform : Java Web based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Clients : Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.