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Mobile Collection Solution
June 24, 2015


Standard Charted Bank (SCB) Bangladesh is looking for solution where the corporate clients can handle there client with the help of SCB. In this solution the clients does not need to carry cash to receive goods from corporate clients. Instead corporate client may assign debit / pre-paid card for the client with the help of SCB. So the client may use debit card where they can deposit money to SCB. Corporate client further verify the payment of client from SCB. And later the client can receive hassle free goods from the representative of corporate client. Mobile collection solution is proposed as a supply chain collection product. The concept of Anchor and Spoke will be core to avail this service. Here the Anchor represent corporate client and the spoke represents the client of the corporate client. Under this collection solution, Anchor will provide a list of spokes who will make deposit and financial transaction through this product.


The business process will start from bank representative of Collection Center (Corr Bank Branch). After receiving cash from the Spoke, the bank representative will input the amount against the e-card number from the Spoke.s e- card. He will use Mobile phone via GPRS to access system Interface. He will connect to SCB- Mobile collection center with his user ID and password. The system will generate a transaction ID after a successful receives of deposit amount. That transaction ID would be written over the bank receipt and would be delivered a copy to spoke. After a certain period, a batch will be transferred to the Branch Manager. He will check the deposit with the hard copy of the receipt. He will approve the batch and post it to the system as valid transaction. In case of rejection, he will mention the reason for rejection. Delivery point will check the transaction remotely by the system UI (User Interface). The system will be integrated within their mobile device. There transaction Id of the Pay slip of the retailer will be inputted into the system. That Transaction id will be verified from SCB -Mobile Collection Center. A delivery confirmation will be sent to Spoke before the delivery made by the deliveryman. After sending a affirmation message by the Spoke, the delivery would take place. At the day end Spoke.s deposited amount would be match with the manual statement sent by the Corr Bank Principal office. Another user at Corr Bank Principal office would export the transaction statement from this MCS system to their own system. (need confirmation from client) SCB will deploy system with proper connectivity & security where they will keep all the transaction logs. It’s an integrated system developed for Standard Chartered Bank for collecting and authenticating money from the user via third party bank. It mainly use the availability of GSM data service all over the country for transferring data from the remote places. System mainly comprise of two parts. There is software that run in hand held device, we mainly consider here cell phones, and another part is server part with a back end database. Users perform different acts from different locations who are integrated via Network This Network is composed of GPRS, optical fiber and SMS. The system will help the bank to make transaction faster. The service delivery time for the Spoke, Collection center and at point of sale are expected to reduce by the solution.

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.