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Electronic Journal and ATM Reconciliation
June 24, 2015


This system is a shadow for all the Bank ATMs. All the transactions and events will be logged and monitored in the system for a faster query, reports and service without being present on the spot.


Each and every event is logged in a roll of paper inside every ATM Booths as well as in the system. Any kind of communication gap between customers and the native core bank ATM monitoring system can be handled. If any complaints are triggered by any customers associated with his/her incomplete transaction, regarding machines or cards which are inept to detect in the existing ATM monitoring system, then those complaints can be issued for proper diagnosis due to this system’s event log. For handling any problems regarding transaction from ATM, system reconciles the ATM accounts. System adopts data from electric dump, converts into readable format and restores those data. Any event can be searched out by time, account holder’s info, card info etc. from the system among those data collected from electric dump. Also from this system ATM status and its transactional history can be analyzed.

Attractive Features:

  1. Voucher generation.
  2. Transaction report generation from core banking system.
  3. Duel control system.
  4. Uptime and downtime analysis.
  5. Customer query handling.

Platform : Java Web based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Client : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.