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e-Marketing [Email & SMS Marketing]
June 24, 2015


Spend less time marketing and more time growing your business with automated follow ups and quick, easy design tools – plus so much more.


  • The System will be a web based and multi user system
  • Highly customizable editor to write and design newsletter and promotions
  • WYSWYG Editor
  • Create and save mail templates
  • Link to eBBS and Card400 for auto fill information of customers in templates

Multilevel User:

  • Administrator
  • Super Administrator
  • Maker
  • Checker
  • Approver

Maker will create mail/promotional letter and submit to checker

Approver will manage customers and contacts and will forward the mail

Dynamic Mail Delivery Schedule Creation

Automatic Mail Delivery on Schedule

Receive delivery notifications and Auto-Replies

Mark Contacts With Invalid Email Address

Product and Segment wise grouping of customers

Create multiple groups and schedule mail sending by groups or individuals

Central administration with group security policy

Customized MIS reports with printing and export-to-multi-type-format facility

Audit trail and Access logs

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Client : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.