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Document Management System
June 24, 2015


Document Management System is a digitized archival system. The main function of the system includes scanning of paper based documents of customer accounts along with static data, storing the image of documents in encrypted format, retrieving the stored images for verification / update together with user security management. The system has a very simple and user friendly interfaces with faster accessibility. In every steps, SCB defined security matrix has been followed.

Archival of customer account related documents is a very crucial, resource consuming and tedious process. It is almost impossible to manage the manual archival for all the 250,000 plus account related documents; any retrieval of document is also a time consuming and difficult process by the Account Services Department. The DMS was developed to make the archival fully digitized and store in a organized manner. Using the DMS customer mandates are scanned and stored against data like batch no, box no, master no and account number for future retrieval reference. While saving the data, the scanned image file is encrypted and stored in the data repository; this image can only be decrypted by the retrieval module. The saved image can also be amended or replaced using power user module in future.


  • Built-in scanning software
  • RGB, Grayscale, Black & White scanning
  • Customized resolution
  • 3DES Encryption for data storage
  • Simple and handy database management system
  • XML Database for the scanning and verification system
  • MySQL Database for the central archiving database
  • Multi user and real time solution
  • Customized MIS
  • Audit Trail Reports

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. Premir Bnak Ltd.