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Customer Relationship Management System
June 24, 2015


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an essential part of modern business management. What is Customer Relationship Management, or CRM? Customer Relationship Management concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization be it a global corporation with thousands of employees and a multi-billion turnover, or a sole trader with a handful of regular customers. Customer Relationship Management is the same in principle for these two examples – it is the scope of CRM which can vary drastically.


This system will be the platform of activities and communication of the Relationship Managers with the Customers. This will be the place where the RM and the Line Manager will get every information and tools for better communication and service to their customers. The system will log their activities, record schedules, and alert messages and keep up-to-date regarding the customers.

The RMs

  • The RM will get the following tools and information:
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Customer Calls and Visits
  • Customers’ Accounts
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Task Lists
  • SMS and Email alert regarding schedules, events and appointments
  • Customers Balance and Last 10 Transaction Records
  • Customers Account Information and Addresses will be updated automatically
  • Customer Transaction Trends
  • Tracking of Customer Nature and Taste
  • DND (Don Not Disturb) Flag can be set to customers
  • RMs personal activity monitoring graphs and charts
  • RMs activity trends
  • Global Notice and Personal Notice from the LM

The Line Managers

  • The Line Manger will be able to monitor and if necessary, take over the authority if allowed by the Administrator
  • Line Manager will monitor and keep track of all activities by the RMs
  • Line Manager will get a graphical overview of the activities and performance of the RMs of his account
  • Any time Line Manager can view all the activities and reports of the RMs of his account

General Users

  • The system will have a general user mode which will allow others to view the associated RM to an account and the Account Status, whether the account is flagged as DND or not

Dynamic Features

  1. The system will have the scope of adding plug-ins for additional support as and when required
  2. Customer Information Form is generated dynamically and the admin can design and customize it as and when necessary
  3. Line manager or the admin can create any Questionnaire / Survey form for the customers as required
  4. There will be an option for uploading customer data from other system
  5. Admin and/or the Line Manager can set different points for different activities to the RM and can get reports on that.

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.