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Customer Complaint Management System
June 24, 2015


This solution that automate customer complain management. CCMS Will transform service quality’s processes by automating and standardizing business processes, transforming business relationship to its customers, and consolidating complaints across the organization.


  • System Process flow will be parameterized so that Process flow can be changed by Administrator
  • Incorporation of Dynamic fields in Managing of Customer Complaint.
  • Customers’ complaint status with Escalation will be viewable at any point of accessing the system
  • Complaint Categorizing Process access to Supervisor. Categorization has to be as follows:
  • Product Program Design
  • Pricing
  • Staff Service Quality
  • Process & Reliability
  • Problem handling
  • Customer Communication
  • Channel Functionality
  • Channel Accessibility
  • General Sales & Marketing
  • Inappropriate Sales
  • External Complains
  • CCMS will have the ability to Prioritize, escalate and set target resolution for any Complain.
  • Related Documents will be archived in the system for future reference.
  • Customer survey report, mystery shopping and all kind of survey reports will be kept in the system.
  • MIS – MIS Reports can be configured to suit the business needs, using the CCMS Reports tool. Report output: CSV, PDF, DOC, XLS
  • Application Audit log
  • Group Security Matrix
  • Task assignment against User Roles or Specific User

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. Premir Bnak Ltd.