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Cheque Printing Software chaque writer
June 24, 2015


Cheque Printing Software is a basic application for printing checks in one style. The application is great for companies or small businesses that require check writing in more than one currency. The cheque printing software does not offer options allowing users to design their own checks, but offers bookkeeping features that will allow account reconciliation.


Don’t need to entry in the cheque manually. During to entry in the cheque in the system user needs to entry the vendor name of the corporate, purpose, number of payments, details of every payments etc. After entering all the required info, retrieving from system into this cheque writer software, an A4 size page would be printed where in the upper portion would be used as voucher and the lower portion would be used as cheque. User can also use different templates to write cheques by using logos and images. Multiple users can work in this system. One of the users give input for cheques and another user can approve cheques. Report generation exists for this system which gives the history and tracing of cheque writing. System can issue void cheque as well as handling cheque lost or damaged cheques.

Attractive Features:

  1. Network Based Multi-user System which also can be used as standalone instance.
  2. Duel Control in all activities as required.
  3. Provision for a single user control.
  4. Customized Cheque Print Template Creation.
  5. Multiple Account and Currency Setup.
  6. Chart of Account Management.
  7. If online banking exists then statement can be uploaded because of the reconciliation in this system.

Platform : ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Clients :

Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.