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Central Bank Exchange Position Reporting System
June 24, 2015


Central Bank has to be reported from every bank for their every foreign currency exchange record. Our system helps to send this report by retrieving data from core banking system.


Every Bank has their own foreign currency reserve. They have to send EOD (End of the day) Report to the central bank about their foreign currency exchange. This report contains the whole records of every exchange, retrieved from core banking system. This is the key functionality of our system. Our system generates the following reports/records and sends them to Central Bank & BAFEDA.

  1. BAFEDA report.
  2. BDEOD rate files
  3. Exchange position report
  4. Return Purchase and Sold report
  5. Country position
  6. FCY Utility report
  7. Deal count report
  8. FCY balance sheetAttractive Features:
  9. Different types of data input format from core banking system.
  10. Dual Control.

Platform : ASP.NET, SQL Server DB.

Clients : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.