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Cash Transaction Report System [CTR] goAML
June 24, 2015


Our system does the submission of cash transaction report to Central Bank for the cash Deposits or cash Withdrawals of BDT Tk. 1,000,000 or above in any account in a day.


Bank uploads cash transaction record for a certain period in this system by online if the cash transaction crosses the limit 1,000,000 or above for every account. This system has its own authentication system. After every certain period system generates a file for an account for those cash transaction where the limit (1,000,000 or above) is crossed. Then this file would be forwarded to central bank as the cash transaction report for this particular account. This system has also a lots of report generation capability which helps to monitor/analyze the transaction in different criteria. Primarily our system connects with bank’s database. Then system retrieves the transaction criteria (online transaction, cash transaction, atm transaction etc.) and related info. System also generates reports in case of data missing. Then these reports are forwarded to dual control system for corrections. After corrections and approvals system forward the whole report to central bank

Attractive Features:

  1. Take input from core banking system in different file format.
  2. Data validation before reporting.
  3. Dual control.
  4. Error capturing from central bank error report.
  5. Correct erroneous data and resubmit it.

Platform : Java Web based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Client : Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.