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Auto Bills Pay System
June 24, 2015


With your Standard Chartered Credit Card, you no longer have to stand in the long queues for paying your monthly bills of Electricity (DESA, DESCO), Mobile Phone (Robi, Banglalink, Citycell, GrameenPhone, and Airtel), Internet (Bangla Lion, Qubee), Club (Dhaka Club, Chittagong Club) or even Schools (Scholastica). You can simply authorize to pay all these bills directly from your Credit Card every month through the Auto Bills Pay.


Customer can enroll him/herself in the auto bills pay to pay the utility and other bills from the existing credit cards or accounts. System automatically charges the bills in appropriate time for merchants. Account holders or card holders may enroll for these bills pay who are the subscribers of the merchants, collecting bills through this system. After collecting the bills for the merchants, files can be generated in different format for the merchant’s demands. In this files all transactional info are included of the subscribers. The specs of the files are dynamic as well.

Attractive Features:

  1. System has the facility to input any subscribed company and its related data field (such as charge, VAT on every transaction, necessary accounts) dynamically.
  2. Customer account/card related info such as card verification, account transaction limit, over draft limit; card blockage etc. can be synchronized with the bill payment matter in this system.
  3. System attempts to charge any cards/accounts for three times. In case of public holidays it attempts for five times to charge any cards/accounts. On those situations system updates its attempt period on the next successful period.
  4. Dual Control.

Platform :  ASP.NET, SQL Server DB.

Client :  Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.