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MoU between ASD and IPAB
May 25, 2016

It is our pleasure to inform you that Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh (IPAB) and Advanced Software Development (ASD) entered into a memorandum of understanding on 3rd March 2016. The signing deal was initiated by Md. Azizur Rahman FCS, Director General, on behalf of IPAB and Md. Monirul Islam, Director Marketing, on behalf of ASD in presence of other personnel from IPAB and ASD.
Advanced Software Development, is a software development house & digital information service provider since 2004. As an IT company ASD will provide IPAB with necessary support as a Technology Partner. ASD will provide another effective service, which is Media Monitoring & Analytical Service.

Our main objective is to facilitate IPAB stakeholders in IPR related areas in cooperation with Advanced Software Development. We believe the proper execution of this MOU between IPAB & ASD will help to build and strengthen the capacity of IPAB to address IPR issues in Bangladesh. The four concerned areas : Counterfeit products, Copyright infringement, Smuggled products, Duty Evasion will be addressed and will be minimized. Hence, IPAB will soon publish a complete sector wise research paper, provide a public hotline service for IPR related issues and queries, and 24 hours media monitoring with the cooperation of ASD.

Since IPAB is working for a long time for national interest, we hope to have your support and cooperation in this new initiative as before. We will appreciate your opinion regarding this MOU.